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17 stories of transgender and non-binary people in Oleg Ponomarev's photo project


The heroes of the project are transgender men and women and non-binary people.

Unfortunately, a person who goes on transition without facing stigma, abuse, breaking ties with parents and friends is an exception. Frequently they seem like a disturbing factor for the normative majority, they are forced to go through not only bodily suffering and moral stress but also coping with stress, judgment, guilt that society provokes, suppressing a right to free expression of sexuality and gender identity.

The stories of my heroes are not stories about fighting for the rights of some particular community, but the stories about fighting for the basic human right - a right to exist.

Besides transgender people, I have also talked with Dmitry Isaev, a psychiatrist-sexologist and the head of the examination commission for people with gender dysphoria. He tells about myths and the reality of gender transition.



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