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10th Queerfest will take on September 20-30 in St Petersburg. The festival will present cultural events about rights, identities, gender and sexuality.

«I am Proud of My Culture» is the theme of 10th Queerfest. Who are we: a tree without any roots, or a part of centuries-long resistance against artificial normalization of bodies, sexualities, and self-expression? How do we experience the intersection of LGBTI identities and our religions and traditions? What have we brought into culture, arts, science, sports? What is the impact of LGBTI communities into sexual liberation, emancipation, equality, and human rights?

The anniversary festival is expected to be very eventful: there will be a photo exhibition, lectures, workshops, discussions films, thatre plays, dance evenings and, surely, concerts and parties.

Jeff Sheng, American-based artist and photographer, is the author of a photo project exhibited at Queerfest this year. His project «Transgender Military» raises the issues of discrimination of transgender people in the US.

«I was photographing people in different ways to conceal their identities. My hope was that they would eventually be fully accepted in the military and allowed to openly serve like those that are lesbian, gay, and bisexual», says Jeff.

Also at 10th Queerfest:

September 22 is a travesty day at the festival. It starts with a lecture on history of the Russian travesty by the art historian Olga Khoroshilova and continues with a theatre play, which explores drag queen praxis and the Drag Night Party with The Villbergs dui from Sweden.

For the first time, the festival raises the issues of corporeality and sex of LGBT people in Russia.

On September 25, in cooperation with Grindr for Equality campaign, we will hold the workshop «Just Sex: Mapping Your Desire». The participants of the workshop will claim their desire by exploring and articulating their sex and desire story no matter what their sexuality, gender, abilities, and kink are.

«Everybody has a body» is a collection of personal stories of LGBT people raising topics of our relationships with a body and experiences related to it. The collection will be available for free at the venues of the festival.

The events on September 27 are dedicated to the issues of spirituality of LGBT people. This is a rare moment when we will have an opportunity to talk about the Faeries network and queer Muslims.

Well-Strung, a string quartet, who fuse classical music with the pop music of today, and the Russian artist Dana Sokolova will fill the musical programme of Queerfest.

The festival open on September 20 at ARTMUZA on Vasilyevsliy island.

The style of Queerfest 2018.