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Action! Street LGBT activism from the 1990s to the present day

26 September

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Event Center, Zastavskaya, 31k2 (Moskovskaya metro station)


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Members of the LGBT community face a lot of fear in their lives and some of it originates from the society around them. Living in present-day Russia is something akin to living on a powder keg: new laws, threats by homophobic initiatives, plantings, provocations, raids. In these circumstances losing strength and faith in yourself is easy.

Ever wondered how the community became this visible and strong? Then get ready to get into its history. Alina Dym and Igor Sinelnikov are on a mission to show you that the LGBT* community is even stronger than it thinks.

This event will take on the form of a talk about how loud, often cheeky, and daring protests that took place 30, 20, 10 years ago in Russia were. We'll try to experience what those activists dreamed of and strived for, where they found support and strength, where they drew inspiration from, and what their thoughts were on the atmosphere in the country.

Let their stories be a source of inspiration to you!

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Alina Dym 
an LGBT activist and a feminist, the host of the Lesboparty and a speaker of the evening, the office manager of the Action community center, the author of the Pagan Telegram channel. At Queerfest she hosts an event on the history of street actions

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Igor Sinelnikov
a gay activist, coordinator of the Development of Activists program at the Action Community Center, host of the Radical Gay Telegram channel, participant in a discussion about the contemporary Russian gay community, and host of an event about the history of street actions


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