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Sound "POLE"

October 1st

wave blue 


Event Center, Zastavskaya, 31k2 (Moskovskaya metro station)


people f15

Folk music often glorifies gender stereotypes and heteronormativity. Perhaps that is why it’s unpopular among young people today. The POLE musicians want to change that. 

"We pass on the experience of our ancestors, adapting authentic sound through the language of our time, in order to expand people's ideas about folk music, capture them with our vision and infect them with love for Russian song."

At the beginning of the event, the group will give a short lecture titled "The Strength Within". In it they will talk about gender stereotypes in Russia, conflict between "male and female" and forbidden love, and also discuss the therapeutic power of folk songs.

After that, a session will take place, where everyone can do breathing, rhythmic and vocal chants. And, at the very end POLE will perform a concert for you.

"The audience will learn about the origins of various social patterns and foundations, as well as live a unique experience in which everyone has a place and there are no boundaries or prejudices," the organizers of the event note.

Come to have an amazing musical evening with the POLE band!

image 16

Alexandra Nefedova

image 18

Alena Gvozdeva
vocals / beatbox

image 18

Arina Panchenko

image 18

Anastasia Kravchenko

image 18

Elena Moshnaya

image 18

Anastasia Shalagaeva

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