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Presentation of the photo exhibition "Transition". Conversation with photographer Oleg Ponomarev and the heroes of the project

24 September

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Event Center, Zastavskaya, 31k2 (Moskovskaya metro station)


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The "Transition" photo exhibition presentation and discussion with photographer Oleg Ponomarev and the heroes of the project will be held very soon. Join us to talk about the stories and destinies of the heroes and about the photo project itself. Sasha Krickerik, a coordinator of the "Trans*missia" program, will host as a discussion moderator, and Oleg Ponomarev and the project's heroes will be the members of the discussion.

"The stories of my heroes are not stories about fighting for the rights of some particular community, but the stories about fighting for the basic human right - a right to exist."

We made some rules for discussion's members:

— For trans*people information: this is NOT a completely safe space, but a discussion and opinions exchanging event. You should be prepared that you might hear incorrect and non-ethical opinions. Anyway, we do not allow any transphobia at our events.

— How do we differentiate transphobia from non-transphobia: it is important for us that all discussion members share an idea that transgender people are the same people (not "sick", not "damaged" or does not allowed to exist). Of course, they have values that should be respected. Trans rights are human rights. On this basis, we are ready to talk and we are ready that not everyone is aware of correct vocabulary and problems in the trans* community.

— If somebody in members does not share these ideas and values, spreads transphobia, we reserve the right to take action - from polite admonition to excluding a member from the event or the whole festival 

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Sasha Krickerik
the discussion moderator and the"Trans*missia" program coordinator in "Vykhod" LGBT-group, works with trans*agenda at the festival

image 18

Oleg Ponomarev
a photographer and the winner of the World Press Photo prize, presenting the"Transition" project at Queerfest


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