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"Invisible families"

September 28

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What is the life of Russian LGBT families? What is it consists of? Are they different from "the traditional majority"?

After the adoption of the propaganda law and discriminating amendment of The Russian Constitution LGBT parents and their children have found themselves out of the framework of lawfulness. But it is not the only oppressive thing: as the current "Vkusvill" case shows, the attempts to represent non-heteronormative families in the advertisement and media end up with the emigration of the latter, while the society comes back to the standardized image of family happiness again and again.

To bring up the child, develop oneself and lead a happy lifestyle the one has to have great internal power. The performance's characters serve as evidence of it.

"Invisible families" is a documentary staging of "Filomela" theatre. It is based on the Russian LGBT-families' interviews. For us, it is important to not only demonstrate the families' problems and experiences but also to avoid harming real people. Out of the play, actors and actresses are not LGBT-parents, and by making it the condition we do not put the families at risk of outing that is fraught with causing disputes with the law and emerging the negative societal reaction.

"Filomela" works in a way to have the elements of a documentary- and a puppet-play being combined. Our focus is directed towards the stories of those whose voices are not heard, who remain invisible in the society because of impossibility to speak openly," describes itself the theatrical collective.

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Zhenya Mukha
The director of "Filomela" theatre who has been involved in histrionics since 2009. Zhenya is skillful in ceiling and layout puttying, however, prefers putting on performances that are directed in accordance with her own hour-long interview-based plays. Activism had appeared occasionally in her life, and after five years of involvement, she has recognised herself as a feminist.


Ekaterina Petrova
The director and the actress of "Filomela" theater. Acting has found her all of a sudden, and before it, she had been identifying herself exclusively as a psychologist, activist, feminist, and with many more nouns proving her being a professional female. 

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Grigory Zaritovsky
an actor of the Philomela theater and host of events. A volunteer of the LGBT group "Coming Out" since 2008. At Queerfest he participates in the play "Invisible Families"


Юлия Разумовская: 
актриса театра «Филомела», попадает в проекты или когда приходит на кастинг с грязной головой или когда накрашенна как свинка. В «Филомелу» попала через феминизм и связи.


Maryana Kucheryavaya
A professional actress and professional mother of two daughters. Dreams and works so that children have the right to self-expression and live in a society free from prejudices. At Queerfest she participates in the play "Invisible Families"


Rostislav Godlevsky
a composer, a sound engineer, has been working with Philomela from the very beginning. Volunteer of the LGBT group "Coming Out". At Queerfest he participates in the play "Invisible Families


Ksenia Kozlova
A lighting designer at the Philomela Theater. At Queerfest she participates in the play "Invisible Families"

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