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Educational quiz about transgender people

27 September

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Event Center, Zastavskaya, 31k2 (Moskovskaya metro station)


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Who are the transgender people? Which vocabulary and language would be correct and non-offensive for nobody? Why do trans*people make the transition?

If such questions torment you, then welcome to the quiz about transgender people! During the interactive game Kira Voloshina, the trans- and detrans-activist, in the duet with Artur Voloshin, a transgender man, are going to dispel the myths about trans*people, teach you the communicational ethics and answer tricky questions.

Important to mention: the quiz is educational, and its main aim is not to check your current knowledge, but to give you the new one. Our experience proves that individuals who belong to the community have a different level of understanding of the topic. The event will fit the interests of those who are only making their first steps on the path to transgender recognition.

But don't rush towards getting upset in case if you understand the topic well! We've prepared many interesting things for you. Follow the announcements!

Кира Волошина

Kira Voloshina
The trans- and detrans-activist, the host of the support group for transgender people

Артур Волошин.

Artur Voloshin
The coauthor and co-host of "The educational quiz about transgender people", a transgender man


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