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Power within the community: bi/pan/polysexual people about personal experience

September 29

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Event center, Zastavskaya Street, 31k2 (Moskovskaya metro station)


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The bi-talk format is about sharing dissimilar stories of non-monosexual activists and giving the bi*community the possibility to be visible and audible in the LGBT*-movement.

During the event, you will the personal and activist experience of non-monosexual people and the problems which sharply touch the bi*community. It will help to recognize and accept one's sexual orientation and gender identity and take a more active life position.

We would like to dispel the myth about bi*people and change the monosexual (hetero and homo) people's perception of non-mono-sexuality. It is also important for us to make bi*people themselves pay attention to their own problems and stories in order to direct the focus of those activists with bi*identities on the bi*agenda.

Each of the speakers will share their story of involvement in the bi*community. One story among them might be quite personal, another — more activist in its sense or a little more about everything at once.

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Alina Likhter
The development director in the community centre "Deystvie", the initiative group "lyuBI" participant, the curator of the support groups for bi-, pan- and all non-monosexual people in St. Petersburg. 

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Po Merkusheva
The clinical psychologist and bi_activist from Perm. 

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Sobi Bukhgammer
The coordinator of the "New eRA" project, co-founder of the project "BiPoliKvir", the psychologist, and a bi-activist.

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Nadya Aronchik
The LGBT* and fem-activist, the co-manager of the "Byt' Bi*" initiative.

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Eva Tsvetkova
An endocrinologist, the volunteer of the trans-initiative group "T-Deystvie" and the participant of the St.Petersburg Non-Binary Group (SNEG)

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Polina Nikitina
The fem- and LGBT-activist who has worked in the Resource Centre for LGBT, is currently the founder of Ekaterinburg Feminist Initiative "Zhiva"

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